Growing Your Own Mushrooms at Home

growing-mushrooms-at-home-menumbuhkan jamur di rumah

Growing Your Own Mushrooms at Home

Growing your own mushroom. Almost everyone who loves mushrooms has wondered at least once about growing mushrooms at home. And what if we tell you, that not only is it possible but downright simple, and that there are a variety ways one can achieve that? In this article we will cover almost all the options available to growing your own mushrooms.

First up, it is good to gain some knowledge – the more one knows the better. For starters, you must know what strain of mushroom you want to grow: common buttons, oyster, gourmet varieties or exotic species; because the space, equipment, time and effort required for different strains varies widely. For example, white buttons and enoki can grow in a jar but for shiitake one needs special log substrates.

growing-mushrooms-at-home-menumbuhkan jamur di rumah

If one has some room to spare or a garage and are ready to put in a little effort and care, one can practically have their own mini mushroom farm at home. All it needs to start up is a moderately large terrarium, quality substrate and spawn and a good mushroom growing manual or just a DIY kit that comes with the terrarium, sterilized substrate, spawn and detailed instructions. These hobby kits are utterly delightful, versatile and if one follows the instructions one knows what to expect (Theres always room for experimentation!). This method typically takes a total to 2-3 months to give fruit (mushrooms) and one can harvest for up to 2 months.

A kit for growing your own mushroom

A more modern alternative is also available: also called a kit, its a pre-prepared, tiny patch of packed substrate that you need to just spray regularly. The fruiting occurs in two weeks and the produce can amount up to 10lbs, which is pretty good. Such kits are also suited as children’s school projects or your personal mycology experiment. These kits also have a good value for money and anyone and everyone can use them to grow mushrooms at home.

A cheaper and indie technique exists for starters to get their feet wet. What you need is large glass jar with a lid with holes, brown rice flour, used coffee grounds and spawn or a spore syringe (spores mixed with sterilized water). The most important step involved is the sterilization, for the glass jar one needs to immerse it in boiling water and wash it with alcohol. Such a jar should be half filled with the boiled mixture of brown rice flour and coffee ground and the lid be shut till the whole things cools down. After which, the spawn is added to the jar and the growth process can begin. It can be a while till you can perfect it, but its simple and compact nevertheless.

Those days are gone when growing mushrooms was for a select few. Today you can grow and cook your mushrooms just about any way you like!

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